BOSCAROL Defibrillator

The importance of a defibrillator

More than 80% of all cardiac attacks occur in domestic environment, during leisure activities and at work. Around 800.000 people die from a sudden cardiac attack (SCA) in Europe every year.

It can happen to each of us! Old, young, smoking, non-smoking, disabled and healthy. The most prone people have cardiac problems or correlated diseases (like heart attack, diabetes or stroke) in their family history. The average age of cardiac victims is about 65 years. However, a heart attack is always unexpected and unpredictable and it can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

Normal human heart rhythm is of 60-80 beats per minute (bpm). Thanks to heart beating, arterial blood reaches all organs and in particular the brain. Heart fibrillation occurs without any notice or sign. Heart rhythm increases up to 300 heart beats per minute. This dangerous situation is called ventricular fibrillation. Victims have a high chance of surviving if an electroshock is applied during/within the first 3-5 minutes while awaiting the first-aid workers.

Occupational Safety and Health Organisation (OSHO) declares that around 13% of deaths at a workplace happen due to a sudden cardiac attack in the United States of America. Around 800.000 people die from a sudden cardiac attack (SCA) in Europe every year. Around 80% of sudden cardiac attacks happen neither in medical nor hospital environment.

An external automatic defibrillator(AED) can be used in any situation in order to deliver a lifesaving electrical shock to a person struck by a sudden cardiac attack. Heart massage after a sudden heart attack keeps the surviving probability below 5%, whereas an additional use of an external automatic defibrillator raises the surviving probability up to 50%, if done during the first 5 minutes after a cardiac arrest.



Reliability and after sales support
Our company is a well-known producer of medical devices for emergency since 1987. All our products have been studied in terms of quality and reliability at every stage of their development paying specic attention to the necessities of rescuers. Oscar Boscarol srl is the expert in the eld of emergency providing a wide range of products and solutions for this sector. All customers can rely on our team of more than 20 dedicated professionals always ready to assist and satisfy any requirement. We invite you to visit our company in Bolzano!

Research and quality
Made in Europe, the debrillator OB Life Support 300 is the result of collaboration between our company specialized in emergency and the company Schiller, world leader in diagnostic medical devices: the study of this device was focused on the particular necessities of rescuers as well as the quality and technical characteristics of the device. Our company has ISO9001 and ISO13485 certicates: the whole organization of the Oscar Boscarol srl is involved in the process of continuous improvement and achieving the goals that are given in the Quality Policy. Customer Satisfaction is an essential value for our company.

Periodic self-tests
The device performs daily or weekly self-tests (upon customer’s request) to check its functionality and advises the user if it detects faults. As soon as the battery is inserted, the debrillator performs a self-test. The green blinking indicator easily visible on the device shows that there have not been any faults detected during the last self-test and the device works correctly.

Display and dimensions
High-resolution LCD display allows the user to notice and evaluate immediately possible faults. Besides, it permits to easily visualize text instructions concerning reanimation and debrillation interventions. Thanks to its reduced dimensions (100x37 mm – depth of 7 cm) and transportability, the device can be xed on the wall without any effort.

Data storage on memory card and software free of charge
The device allows the data recording of the intervention on the patient on a specic SD type memory card. This card allows to store up to 2 hours of ECG signals and up to 500 events. The software is available free of charge (upon request).

Technical features of energy deliverying signal
The debrillator features the biphasic pulse debrillation impulse Multipulse Biowave® patented on a worldwide level, which allows more ecient debrillation. The debrillator measures impedance and adjusts energy delivery accordingly.

Easy to replace spare parts for a convenient price
Essential maintenance operations include the replacement of the battery and electrodes: the electrodes have a shelf life of 3 years from the production date, while the battery – 5 years (or 180 shocks at maximum energy); all spare parts are easily replaceable at a very convenient price in comparison with those of another competitors.

Personalized packages
Specifically designed packages to meet the needs of our customers in an efficient, meaningful, and cost-effective way. Please contact our company for further assistance!

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